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Vegan in Mexico

Mexico is gorgeous and a fun place to travel, but sometimes finding vegan options at local restaurants can be hard. Here are a few things you can order and some helpful phrases to get you through your vacation.

Starting off with some simple phrases:

I am vegan-- "soy vegano"

Do you have any vegan dishes?-- "usted tiene algún plato vegano?"

Without meat-- "sin carne"

Without cheese-- "sin queso"

Without egg-- "sin huevo"

Please-- "Por favor"

Thank you-- "Gracias"

First and foremost, you can always rely on tortillas with guacamole. This is my staple when traveling through Mexico, and, at least for me, it never gets old! Ask for extra vegetables when available :))

I would like a tortilla with guacamole and vegetables-- "Me gustaría una tortilla con guacamole y verduras"

Next, most places in Mexico will have fresh fruit-- a perfect breakfast!

I would like a plate of fruit-- "Me gustaría un plato de fruta"

Often, more tourist concentrated areas will have better vegan options. Make sure to be careful for things like lard in refried beans and chicken broth in rice.

Safe travels!


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