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Hey there! I'm Ellie!

I first went vegetarian in 2014, and transitioned to vegan in 2018. Ever since, I have been experimenting with new recipes to find the best flavors and tasty ways to break the stereotype of vegan food being "bland" (I've gradually become a passionate foodie). I strive to share my experiences with people interested in a plant-based diet, and help others transition to a more environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free, and healthy lifestyle.


I first stopped eating animals and animal products because of my love for all living beings. I have two rescue dogs, and I have had the privilege to visit rescue sanctuaries and meet many different and fun animals.


Over time, I learned the other benefits of being vegan: environmental and health, to name two. Being an avid explorer of nature wherever I can, I jumped at the opportunity to learn other ways to help our beautiful planet. On this platform, I will share what I learn along the way to help you all create a more eco-friendly life, too! 


The goal of this blog is to help you learn about what you can do to help the planet as an individual as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project, Making Environmental Change Tangible. So, take a first step with me now and go outside, take a minute to appreciate our beautiful planet Earth!

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