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The Sunshine Vitamin

We underestimate the power of sunshine. The sun comes up every morning, but how often to we absorb the full benefits it has to offer? Being in the sun for a few minutes every day offers many benefits, both physical and emotional. Even better, this healing power of nature can be easily utilized through daily activities.

Fair warning: if you are in the sun for more than 15 minutes, make sure to wear proper sun protection for your skin and eyes!

First off, sunshine is amazing for your physical health. It can help you sleep better through regulating your body's internal sleep cycle. Additionally, it can help your bone health because vitamin D is vital for strengthening your bones. Vitamin D not only will support your bones, but it will improve your immune system, helping you to fight off sickness.

Next, it can help with your mental health. Sunlight has been linked to increasing serotonin levels, and thereby improving your mood. It also improves cognitive function! So go, get that sunshine vitamin, and your body and mind will be thanking you.

Ideally, go outside and appreciate the sun for at least 5-15 minutes a day (if any more than that, wear sun protection!) Here are some ways to get that few extra minutes of sunshine in:

  • Go for a walk! Enjoy your local scenery, and take your pets out with you while you're at it

  • Practice mindfulness outdoors (meditate, or try doing some yoga!)

  • Go swimming-- enjoy the sun while you're cooling off in the water

  • Enjoy your hobby outdoors (whether it's reading, photography, art, or even video games, bring it outside and do your thing)

  • Garden-- what better way to get some sunshine than caring for your plants?

  • Go to outdoor events (music, farmer's markets, etc.)

  • Bike to work/school-- if you can, it is not only environmentally friendly to cut down on emissions, but you can absorb some extra vitamin D on your way!

  • Take a meal outside. It doesn't have to be a picnic, just find a nice sunny spot to enjoy your lunch on the daily!

Whatever you choose to do, just keep in mind that consistent sunlight and getting outdoors is healthy for your mind and body. When we hear vitamins, we often think of food-- but that's not it! We not only have to have a balanced diet, but a balanced lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!


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