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Summer Sustainability!

Over the summer, it is inevitable that we use more resources than usual. We use the air conditioning more, we probably use more plastic, etc.

Here, I am going to talk about some main points that should help you to avoid this extra waste!

  1. Reusables: water bottles, cutlery, bags, you can reuse so many things if you only remember to bring them around with you. To give you an idea, I carry a set of bamboo silverware and a reusable water bottle everywhere, and I keep reusable bags in my car.

  2. Stay cool without A.C.: keep your blinds closed, open a window for a breeze, splash your face with some cool water-- just avoid turning on the A.C.

  3. Use less water: take shorter showers, cover your pool, avoid leaving faucets on

  4. Compost: what better time to learn how to compost than summer? If you don't want to compost on your own, start putting your food scraps in the green waste bin (if your trash provider allows it)

  5. Eat plant-based: save the environment through your diet! This is one of the most impactful things you, as an individual, can do for the planet

Overall, Just try to help the Earth! Go outside and appreciate nature for all its beauty :)


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