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Sea Therapy :)

We've talked about the benefits of going out on hikes and appreciating nature, but that's not the only place you can see environmental change! Here, I'll be talking about how at our local beaches, you can see the impact human waste has on the oceans.

Going to the beach is a healthy and fun way to get outdoors and connect with the planet. Take your shoes off and feel the hot sand. Stand in the water and appreciate the power of the waves. All of our ecosystems works together to create and sustain this beautiful planet we call our home. Now let's do our best to protect it!

At the beach, you might notice a few things: plastic and other trash on the beach, warmer water, and less sea life. These changing conditions are a result of human waste. It's a challenging thing to think about what our individual actions can do to help such a big problem, but every little thing makes an impact. One less piece of trash consumed could be one less piece of trash in the ocean.

You can make a change.

One positive impact we can have on our beaches is to pick up trash! You don't have to plan some big beach cleanup, but if you're walking along the sand, pick up the pieces you see along the way. Not only does this remove trash from our oceans, but it creates a more peaceful, clean, and relaxing environment in which people can connect to the planet.

Keep our planet cool!


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