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Happy Cow

This handy little app is my savior while traveling. It helps you sort through different restaurants nearby based on the level of veg-options. On the go, it's perfect to find the best menu items for plant eaters and things on the menu that can be customized.

First and foremost, there are a few different filters on the app. You can select if you want the listings to appear to be vegan, vegetarian, or have veg-options. Veg-options are good for when you are eating with non-veg people. Through the vegan selection, I have discovered many new and fun vegan restaurants in both new and old places.

On this platform, users are encouraged to review restaurants and post images of food they got. The more you review, the more points you get towards fun prizes!

Additionally, this platform allows you to view other users' profiles in your area. This way, you can discover like minded people who live near you.

This app works in many countries-- I have had much success using it everywhere I travel. It is such a useful tool to help make finding food options less of a hassle.

So now, go forth, adventure, and eat good food!


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