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Hiking, Healthy, and Happy!

Hiking is good for your soul. Not only is it important to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, but it is an amazing way to move your body while connecting to nature.

Connecting to nature is important. It makes us realize how vital it is that we start changing our lifestyle habits in order to save this beautiful planet that we call our home. Having personal experiences in nature provides the why for our actions. When we have strong reasoning behind our actions, it motivates us to continue them further. Why don't I use single-use plastic? Because I don't want to see our oceans littered with trash. I basically grew up at the beach, so it feels personal to me when I hear about the harm humans are causing it. Going into nature and the world is the most important way to connect to nature. What better way to get into nature than to go hiking?

Hiking through a beautiful natural space is calming and inspiring. Additionally, walking and hiking offers the numerous health benefits of exercise, and it makes your body feel good. On this platform, I will be sharing hikes near and far to San Diego. Please, if you have any questions or hike recommendations, feel free to contact me!


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