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Annie's Canyon

This awesome slot canyon hike through San Elijo Lagoon in San Diego is fun and comes with beautiful views!

The hike is about 1.5 miles out and back. The first bit is hilly but generally a moderate walk, and then there is a crossroads once you reach the slot canyon. The trails are clearly marked to reach Annie's canyon. There will be a large sign when you get to the viewpoint. You can either walk up the switchbacks or the slot canyon. The slot canyon is a very short section of a thin canyon that you walk and climb through. There are large steps and ladders throughout. I do not recommend this hike for anyone with injuries, as the steps can be technical. The paths are small, so don't go this route if you're claustrophobic!

There is a gorgeous view from the top of the lagoon and the Del Mar Area. It is partly shady, but the beginning of the trail is sunny so wear sun protection! I would recommend wearing long sleeves because the sides of the walls are rough--the trail is It is kid friendly, and it is super fun for anybody who loves a short adventure!


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